About Toren Mozingo


From the womb, Toren Mozingo was destined to sing and perform. Ever surrounded by gospel music – whether in the home, car, or church – his fate as an artist and performer was secured. 

As a toddler, in language that could only be understood by himself and God, Toren could often be found singing praises into his toy microphone. This gibberish sung as a toddler has now developed into one of the most impeccable and unique singing voices that can be heard today. 

As a young an exceptionally gifted recording artist who sings, writes, and produces all of his songs, only the sky is the limit to this young performer’s abilities. Songwriting became natural for him when at the age of ten, the overwhelming number of lyrics and arrangements within him ultimately burst onto paper. Although quite young, the messages in Toren’s songs are well beyond his years and have always been so since the age of ten. Never one to shy away from the opportunity to sing, Toren, would sing and perform  at shows, parties, graduations, and any other event to which he was invited. By the age of sixteen, when singing and writing were simply not enough for him, he combined his musical abilities with his DAW to produce and mix his own music. In the effort of expanding his musical credentials, Toren is currently in college studying Music Business. 

On the heels of his debut album, Lord Take Control (released in 2015), Toren’s newly released self-titled sophomore project, TOREN, is an amazing follow-up for 2016. Both are on the independent label, TAM Productions. All songs are straight from the heart and birthed from a true relationship with God. Toren has also garnered recognition as winner of the DunAmis Gospel Awards Soloist and Song of the Year (DGA is in partnership with the National & Independent Gospel Music Association).

Toren’s songs are currently in regular rotation on several radio stations such as WNAA 90.1, WKEW 96.3/1400, WNIA Radio Network, and others. He also sings and performs at various events, programs, and ceremonies. The choir of the church he attends sings several of his original songs during worship services. 

Toren’s gospel style is unique and ministers in a way like no other, incorporating inspirational, urban contemporary, and contemporary Christian. His ultimate desire is to encourage and uplift through his music.